Many of the websites we build are for small to medium sized businesses. Other web developers can charge in the range of £600 (for a content managed system based on standard content pages) to £10,000 (for a fully content managed e-commerce website), some can be a lot higher too!

Here at Manage My Web, we understand that small businesses simply don't always have the large up front investment available to them as "cash in the bank". Therefore, our complete Domain, Emails, Hosting, Website Build & On-Site SEO Management Plan is the ideal website subscription package that allows small businesses to pay a small manageable monthly fee whilst still benefiting from a high end content managed website.

This means there is no up front cost to you, just a small manageable monthly subscription payment. For example, if you need a custom built website with content managed system where you can easily add pages, photos etc yourself, unlimited email accounts, unlimited hosting, a typical investment with us would be £99 per month.