Blog ideas for small businesses

At Manage My Web, we are more than aware that almost every small business owner finds it difficult to come up with inspiration for blogs on their websites. We would suggest you try following our guide below:

Try to post a blog/landing page on a regular basis. The important thing is to keep it regular, so keep it realistic. For example, it is better to post one blog at the same time each month than 2-3 the first month, 1-2 on month 2, 1 on month 3 then 1 every couple of months and so on......

Do I Need My Website Managed For Me?

In this day and age, none of us need to be told how important it is to have a website if you run a business. Most business owners understand that to compete online and be found by people searching for your services, it is essential that you have a website. One of the most popular questions we have been asked over the 11 years we have been developing websites for small businesses is "do I need someone to manage my website for me?"